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How It Works

Get Started

Create your VoIPLynx account by simply registering your home, office, cellphone or any other telephone number, email address and create your password.
If you are not yet sure what service to purchase, you can simply click on any Sign Up, Register or Buy Now buttons, fill up the registration form and check out directly.
You will get a welcome/thank you email from VoIPLynx admin confirming your successful account creation.

Buy a Service/Plan

If you only created and account and did not purchase any service/product yet, the system will ask you to make a payment/purchase in order to make your call.
While logged in, you may also browse through our services page or calling plans page and purchase. You will then be prompted to enter your payment information (Paypal or Debit/Credit card).
If payment is processed successfully, you will get a confirmation receipt.
Instantly, you will be able to view your credit on your account profile or wallet. You are now ready to make your calls.

Add Credit

Recharge your account by simply logging into voiplynx.com/My Account Make Payment or you can also stop by at any local VoIPLynx retailer agents.

Setting Up Pinless Service

Login to your VoIPLynx account and in the My Account panel Pinless Access Add one or more phone number entries into your account. These are the phone numbers that can access your account without a PIN.
You can also delete existing numbers, just highlight the number you wish to delete and press on the Remove button

Setting Up Speed Dial

Login to your VoIPLynx account go to DID Forwarding tab Add one or more speed dial entries into your account. Make sure the destination number is correct.

Using Speed Dial

Dial the access number closest to you. If you do not have nationwide calling, make sure the number is local before calling it.
The system will tell you your balance and then ask for a destination number.
Enter your SPEED DIAL number (example: 4) and press the # key to make it go fast.
Now the system will tell you how many minutes you have and connect call.
When you are done talking, simply hang up the phone.


Dial any one of our access numbers. If prompted enter your pin.
Press the *(star) key to enter advanced menu option.
When prompted, press 4 to recharge your account with a credit card over the phone.

VoIPLynx App Calling

Download the app on any smartphone device from google play or apple store. Once VoIPLynx App is completely installed, just dial or tap a contact. Our system will connect you invisibly to a nearby local access number and via internet, onward to your calling destination. When you are connected online thru WiFi ,3G or 4G, VoIPLynx keeps your call online almost entirely until you get connected to your call destination number (mobile or landline).

You can also top up, add credit, view usage history and manage your account on the go with VoIPLynx mobile app.