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Quick Tips

Get Started

Simply click on Free Trial on www.voiplynx.com OR click on Register after downloading VoIPLynx Mobile App.
Provide authentic mobile telephone number, email address and create your password.
You will get a welcome/thank you email and/or text message from VoIPLynx confirming the successful creation of your account.
Once your account is ready for use, you can then proceed to any of the options below.

Making Pinless Call

1. Go to access number menu at the top of this page and select a prefer local access number.
2. Dial any of our local access numbers to access your account.
3. Listen to your balance and dial the number you wish to call then press #.
For international calls, dial 011 + country code + area code + number.

Making VoIPLynx App Call

Using VoIPLynx App you can also make calls to anywhere around the world using your Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G data connection.
In many locations in the US and Canada, no data connection is required
1. Log-in into VoIPLynx App with authenticated registered telephone number and passcode.
2. Make call - Type a number into the dialing bar and select the green phone sign.
3. Redial - Go to history and press the number or name on the call log history.
4. Dial personal contact - Go to contacts > select name or phone number and click on green phone sign.
5. Voicemail - Click on cycle with goggle sign. Follow prompts to use and manage voicemail.
You also get to enjoy free calls, chats and video calling with other VoIPlynx users like Whatsapp.

Add Fund On The Go!

Recharge your account securely 24*7 and without hassles on the go
1. Using your registered phone number dial any of our local access numbers.
2. Wait for voice prompt and then press * to proceed to advanced options.
3. Select option 4 to securely and seamlessly recharge using your payment information on the go.

Use Speed Dialing!

Enjoy your calling experience, auto speed dial your friends and family with maximum of 2 key stokes.
1. Using your registered phone number dial any of our local access number.
2. Wait for prompt and then press * to proceed to advanced options.
3. Select option 6 to add two digit speed dial number or select option 5 to change existing speed dial.

Referral Bonus!

Earn bonus credit for telling a friend about VoIPlynx. They get $2 free trial credit and you get $5 bonus credit for every eligible referral.

Making Free VoIPLYNX Call!

It is easy to make free calls with VoipLynx! Go to contacts on your app and select VoIPLynx option at the top instead of All.
Locate the name of the person on the contact list and select it to make free call and/or
Go to your dialpad and dial 100+cc+phone number e.g. to make a free call a VoIPlynx user with phone number 7865221175
For a US voiplynx user dial 10017865221175,
For a Uk Voiplynx user dial 100447865221175,
For a Nigerian VoIPlynx user dial 1002347865221175 and so on.

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