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Recommend VoIPlynx to your friends,family and colleagues for free bonus call credit!

Our customers enjoy a $5 bonus in addition to their regular recharge when they recommend a VoIPlynx service. The offer does not include the following products: International Mobile Top, Virtual Connect, Latin Choice Package and Mexico Save Package.

** VoIPlynx reserve the right to validate basic information of the recommending customer with referred customer before bonus is awarded. The recommending customer will typically receive their bonus with 24 hr after their friend or colleague sign-up and completes a paid transaction on any eligible service. This offer does not apply to members of the same household with the same payment details. Rewards for referring VoIPlynx products are limited to 10 referrals per person each month. VoIPlynx reserves the right to denial referral reward when the referring party ordered products for his/her own use. The VoIPlynx referral rewards program, the nature and payment date of referral rewards are subject to change at any time.

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